Guitar TABs

GLYPHT is an online guitar TAB editor that helps you write TABs in an easy drag and drop way right from your web browser. Read these simple instructions to get started creating a TAB.

I'm also working on a Sheet Music version HERE

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Basic shapes


Guitar Tab symbols


More basic shapes

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Getting started writing guitar TAB

*** The first thing you will want to do is make sure to clear your mind of distractions. To do that, make sure you keep your wife (or significant other) busy playing Sudoku.

The second thing you'll want to do is drag out a TAB staff from the symbols box onto the stage. When you start to drag your mouse cursor will change. When your mouse (or finger) reaches the stage you should be able to see the symbol you are dragging. Release (drop) the symbol in a position you like.

The icon looks like:

guitar tab icon
* Drag the staff that you just dropped a second time just slightly to activate it. When an object is active it will show a globe globe symbol next to it.

Next, disable dragging on the staff (i.e. make it stationary). There are two ways to do this. The first way is to click or tap the staff then look in the Symbol Settings box - find "Dragging: disable" in red and click that. To re-enable click "enable" in green. The second way to disable dragging is by clicking the little globe globe next to the object in question to open the object sub-menu and click "D" to disable dragging. Disabling dragging ensures that the staff doesn't move when you drag other elements over the top of it. You can re-enable dragging by clicking the enable option.

Now you can add more staves, numbers and other symbols to complete your TAB.

Guitar Chord charts

Follow these easy steps build your own chord charts like this:
G chord

1) Drag the blank chord chart symbol from the symbols box onto the stage. Chord chart

2) Click the pencil pencil icon to enter draw mode and select brush #2.

3) Click once to make dots for your chords.

4) Click on sub atomic pencil Crosshair pencil to move dots if needed.

5) Use [text] to for lower case o and font size 14 Courier to make open notes. also use [text] to write the name of your chord.

Helpful Tips

The stage is resizable.

For fine grained alignment of symbols, activate keyboard mode by clicking the keyboard icon to allow movement/nudging of objects using your WASD or arrow keys.

You can add text by dragging the editable text symbol [text] onto the stage.

You can create your own symbols using the text and other items. Just be sure to add a legend in your tab.

How to read TAB is an informative article about reading and writing guitar TAB for beginners.

About Saving

For best results and highest image quality, save as JPG.

If you think you will want to be able to edit your TAB in the future, you can use the "Save as TXT" file option. To edit a TXT file visit HERE and paste the contents of your TXT file in the edit form. Shaving as a TXT can be a little quirky at times but should allow you to save and edit most of your work. Saving as TXT option is disabled if you have uploaded any external images.

I don't recommend exporting your TAB using the PDF option because the quality isn't optimized. If you really need to save as a PDF do this: Export to .jpg and save it to your computer. Next, view the image from your computer file system using Chrome web browser. Then, print the image to PDF through Chrome. If you need help doing this contact me and I will help you!


8/20/16 - Added 3 and 4 string TAB staves and blank chord chart boxes for cigar box guitar, bass guitar and ukulele players.

Something missing?
Need me to add a symbol? Contact me at the link at the bottom of the page and let me know.