GLYPHT let's you build mazes. Use an existing maze or build one from scratch.

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Basic shapes




More basic shapes

Symbol properties
Symbol specific settings will appear here for the type of object you are working with. Try dragging something around.

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Upload a file to stage
Uploading your own file disables saving as .txt file

About The mazes

Make your own printable mazes! You can drag preset mazes from the symbols box into the stage area. You can resize them or rotate them. You can also add any of the other objects from the symbols box to them. With a little ingenuity you can even connect them! When you are done, save your maze to an image or PDF then print them.


Generating new mazes

There are 9 preset mazes. Every time the page is loaded, each of the 9 mazes are entirely new and unique. So if you want a new set of mazes just reload the page by clicking the start over button..