Knitting Chart and Stitch Maker

knitting GLYPHT helps you make knitting pattern charts with an easy drag and drop interface.
Get started by reading these simple instructions. Learn about the stitch symbols.

keyboard draw
/// Symbols     Draw draggable lines


Basic shapes




More basic shapes

Symbol properties
Symbol specific settings will appear here for the type of object you are working with. Try dragging something around.

Drag symbols to this box (stage). Start over
Upload a file to stage
Uploading your own file disables saving as .txt file

Basic Instructions

Drag symbols from the symbols box onto the stage.

Slightly drag objects a second time to activate them. When an object is active it will show a globe globe symbol next to it.

You can disable dragging on an object (i.e. make it stationary) by clicking the little globe globe to open the symbol menu and click "D" to disable dragging. Disabling dragging ensures that the object doesn't move when you drag other elements over the top of it. You can re-enable dragging by clicking the enable option.

Add text as needed by dragging a text object onto the stage and then edit the text in the Edit Text section.

Align objects by nudging them into place using your WASD or arrow keys while in keyboard mode. Click the keyboard icon to enter keyboard mode.

Draw draggable bold lines by clicking "Draw draggable lines" at the top of the symbols box. This option puts you in line mode and allows you to draw point to point lines on the stage that you can also drag into position. This method of line drawing is a little quirky in Chrome browsers so if it bothers you to much try using Firefox.

With a little care and effort you can also make your own symbols using the basic draw tools, [TEXT] and other objects.

*** If you will be saving your project as a PDF, be careful not to place objects too far outside of the grid. Placing objects 1/4 inch or more past the grid edge may be clipped off on PDF output. If you save your project as an image, you can place objects all the way to the edge of the stage.


The Symbols box is draggable! Drag the symbols box to keep it in view by clicking and dragging on the /// symbol. This works best with wide screen computers.

About Knitting Chart Symbols

The kind people over at Craft Yarn Council have allowed me to cut up and use their awesome knitting symbol chart.

Here is a smaller version of Craft Yarn Council's chart you can use as a reference while you work. I highly recommend downloading their full size PDF chart HERE.


About uploading your own content

You can add content to the stage from your computer by clicking the "Browse" button. Your uploaded content will appear in the white space to the right of the grid or at the bottom of the grid. Your content will be draggable after it is loaded. Uploading custom content disables saving your projects as an editable TXT file.

Saving Your Charts

There are a couple of different options to choose from when it comes to saving your charts. Each option has it's own benefits and you can choose more than one.

Saving as JPG

Choose Save as JPG option for highest image quality.

Saving as PNG

Choose Save as PNG option if you need the grid as transparency for some reason.

Saving as PDF

Save as a PDF to ensure ease of sharing. Most people can easily open a PDF document.

Saving as TXT

If you think you will want to be able to edit your chart at a later date, you can use the Save as TXT file option. To edit a TXT file visit HERE and paste the contents of your TXT file in the edit form. Saving as a TXT is not always fool proof but should allow you to save and edit most of your work. Saving as TXT option is disabled if you have uploaded any external images.

Screenshot for the win

If all other save options fail, taking a screenshot of the page may just save the day. How to take a screenshot of the page depends on your operating system but usually you can press the Prnt Sc button on your keyboard which copies the screen to your clipboard. Then open up a paint program on your computer and paste in the image to save it.

Missing a symbol? Notice an error? Contact me!

If there is a symbol I missed, please tell me about it so I can add it. Is there something else I can do better? Let me know! Contact me at the link at the bottom of this page.