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Basic shapes




More basic shapes

Symbol properties
Symbol specific settings will appear here for the type of object you are working with. Try dragging something around.

Drag symbols to this box (stage). Start over
Upload a file to stage
Uploading your own file disables saving as .txt file

Drawing Help

Drawing and image creation / editing works best on desktop computers using the latest Chrome of Firefox web browsers with JavaScript enabled.

Drag items from the symbols box to the stage to start working with them. Some objects require you to either double drag or click to activate their property box for further editing.

Most objects have a mini menu within them you can use to disable dragging, onion skin or delete the object.

Clicking the keyboard symbol allows you to fine control move the current / last active object via the WASD or arrow keys.

Some preset pages have helpful tips and symbols below the stage (here). Symbols in this area only need to be clicked once to add them to the stage.

If you have a large enough screen you may want to drag around the symbols box into a more comfortable position. Click and drag on the /// symbol to drag the symbol box around.

Image Cropping

The size of the stage is the final height and width of your image when it is saved. Everything within the stage is part of the final image. You can crop your image by resizing the stage. Resize the stage by using your mouse to pull the resize handles. Symbols portions that fall outside of the stage bounds are not included in the final image.