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scrabble word finder

This Scrabble® word finder and word builder will help you unscramble words from a group of letters you type. It's designed to help you build words to use at crossword style board games. However, you should not use it to cheat. It also shows you the point value (in parenthesis) for each word found.

Enter Your Rack Letters:
Enter the letters from your rack you want to make words from.

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How to unscramble words

Type in the letter tiles you have in your game rack into the box then press the find words button.

The word finder search it's database of over 100,000 words to show all the valid words that can be made using those letters.

You can also enter the letters you have and any letters that are currently in play on your game board.


How many Scrabble letter tiles are there?

The graphic below shows the quantity of each of the Scrabble tiles as well as their point values.

scrabble tile point values

Why use a Scrabble game helper

Using a word finding tool may actually help you become a better all around Scrabble player by helping you find new word possiblities you can use in your games. You may find that as your word vocabulary increases so do your overall game scores.

Looking for a Words With Friends® Cheat?

*** This site is not affiliated with the official SCRABBLE® trademark in any way and is entirely for entertainment, education and analysis purposes. GLYPHT uses optimized word lists and dictionary to find the most accurate results. The word list includes word definitions when available making it the fastest word look up tool around.

Words with Friends® and European versions coming soon.

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