Make free printables with words and glyphs

At GLYPHT we develop interactive apps and learning tools that use glyphs to help you learn something new, design your own free printables, create images, web graphics, puzzles and more. We also make the best word search tools for word games.

GLYPHT is great for students, teachers and anyone with an imagination. Use GLYPHT to make something fun!

We have new symbol apps and learning tools in development all the time so be sure to bookmark this page and check the blog or visit the sitemap often.

Guitar TAB

Write Guitar TAB!

guitar tab

Create a TAB!

Word Search Tools

Scrabble Word Finder

Unscramble Scrabble letters to search and find words for games.

Scrabble icon

Crossword solver

Solve crossword puzzles with this easy word tool.

Crossword Solver

More word finder tools

Play Online Sudoku

Play Sudoku online or generate Sudoku game boards to play or print.


Create Web images free

GLYPHT is a simple web graphics generator that lets you make all sorts of interesting images and pictures with an easy drag and drop interface... and it's completely FREE!


What kind of images can I make with GLYPHT?

You can make all sorts of diagrams, charts and graphics with GLYPHT. In fact, all of the images on this page were made with GLYPHT.

New icon assets and symbols are added everyday but you can also import your own. You can add and edit existing images to turn them into something enirely new.


You can DRAW now or start with one of the presets below:

These presets may help you start you off in the right direction.

Knitting and Stitch

Make knitting stitch patterns and charts


Create Knitting Charts

Rage Comic Maker

Make rage style comics no FLASH required. Drag and drop for favorite rage faces and characters, add text and save.

rage comics

Create a Rage Comic!


maze icon

Create a maze!


meme icon

Make a meme now!

Presets coming soon

bar charts


Can I use GLYPHT for Drawing?

Yes! If you are using a desktop computer and a modern up to date web browser, you can do basic freehand drawing using a mouse.

Click on the pencil tool pencil icon to draw.

Can I export/save my images?

Yes! GLYPHT lets you save your image creations in PDF, .JPG .PNG formats. and in some cases as a .TXT file for future editing.

jpg png and pdf image icons

Is it Free?

Yes it's totally FREE as long as the small GLYPHT watermark remains on the image.

Have an idea?

I'm always looking for feedback, suggestions and new preset ideas. If you have an idea for something new, please feel free to contact me and tell me what it is.